is the artificial version of Steph Berntson.

She writes for live events and makes noise in public.

Right now, she lives in Halifax with her collaborator, Devin Shael Fox, and their shared musical cat, Sputnik. Taken altogether, they are Outmanned+Outgunned, makers of research-based and music-driven "total works of art". 

They stole that idea from a dead guy.

Stephbot's work extols the surreal and percussive. She has a few upcoming public  events,  and a lot in spin cycle

Lately, she's been concerned with the secret lives of inanimate objects -- especially industrial machines -- as she watches culture go Deep Cyborg. 

A local guru recently told Stephbot that robots don't belong in the theatre. She wishes someone had also told Karel Capek, so the world might never have had to deal with robots in the first place.